IP Catalog


Ultra low quiescent current SIMO (single inductor multiple output) DCDC converter to provide high efficiency voltage regulation across an ultrawide range ( from sub-uA to tens of mA) and seamless transition among power modes


Linear regulator with ultra low standby current to provide low cost and high performance voltage regulation for low power standby modes

32KHz XTAL Oscillator (32k)

Accurate and ultra low power 32khz crystal oscillator

Oscillator (LF)

Ultra low power low frequency RC oscillator to provide the clock for lower power standby modes

Oscillator (HF)

High frequency oscillator with the best in class power performance, reducing the active power


Power on Reset with ultra low standby current


Ultra low power low speed comparator to provide always on monitoring

Voltage References

Ultra low power voltage reference to replace the traditional bandgap

Current References

Ultra low sub nA current reference to provide the bias current to other circuits

ESD and IO pads

IO pads with ultra low leakage requirements

Power switches

Power switches ultra low leakage requirements


Process monitoring for NVT and SubVt operations 

Li+ battery charger

Linear Li+ charger with standard trickle, CC and CV charging

SIMO DCDC buck boost

A single DCDC converter that can generate all the power supplies from a Li+ battery for a typical SoC or mixed signal IC. Typical output voltages include 5v, 4v, 3.3v, 1.8v, 1.2v, 0.9v, etc. The unique SIMO architecture enables the support of multiple outputs with a single inductor.

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